Working with your best friend

This past few months has been epic for so many reasons, but mostly because there is no denying it was are now a bonafide brand peddling our wares all over the place. It's been exciting and at times disheartening not to mention down right knackering.

I just wanted to write this little blog today about working with a close friend, which from what I can tell most people assume is just this dream where you sit down with pretty note pads and loads of glittery pens that smell of strawberries and have all these awesome ideas, all whilst doodling unicorns, discussing your capsule wardrobe and how much fun your going to have at the weekend.

Well it's not actually like that. Of course some days are rad and we get stuck into the creative flow and maybe one of our mums can have a baby which leaves us with just one mad munchkin to stop from burning the office down but generally work days are pretty tough. Kate will come over to the office around 9.30am (by office I mean the basement of my house) with all the supplies she needs to keep a boisterous 9 month old equipped for a day. I will probably have already bribed my 22 month old with and ice lolly by this point (homemade of course ha). We will then proceed to try and work (haha) this usually involves one of us guarding the iron which both mad munchkins are fascinated with whilst the other starts putting together orders. At this point stock will quite literally be flying off the shelves, not because we have sold it all but because the boys are pulling it all off for a laugh.

The real truth is as any mum out there who tries to do something creative from home whilst looking after their kids knows is, IT GETS MESSY!! Yes we are living our dream, in so much as we get to spend time with our children and work, but trust us when we say some days when we are stressed, tired and busy the thought of childcare is just so über appealing it's scary. It's just a good job we can't afford it hey!

And now for the soppy part, so please excuse me.... Although there are no glittery pens (although after writing this blog I'm definitely contemplating getting some) and we very rarely get time to chat about all the good stuff like clothes, men, movies and salt & vinegar crisps (both of our Achilles heels) the benefits of working with a fellow mama are pretty dam great. Kate can see when I'm frazzled and takes the extra load and I can see when she just needs her arms free for 30 seconds and take Rudy for a squeeze. Some days are hard and some days are easy(ish) but we wouldn't change it for the world because let's face it who doesn't want to do what they love, mad munchkins or no mad munchkins. We are very lucky lady's.