First rule of Parenthood 'Always have raisins'.

Its incredible to think that such a tiny shrivelled piece of fruit can save your bacon as much as the good old California raisin does. Before becoming a mum I barely kept them in the house, unless I was attempting some annual shot at domesticity and baking something that would undoubtedly come out of the oven charred and mocking me.

Now I can’t open a cupboard or drawer without one of those tinsie little boxes poking out from somewhere. And lets face it, its not the raisins in the box that are the problem. Its the half chewed ones I find peppered along the floor and stuffed into plant pots and shoes, the ones matted into our what used to be lovely fluffy Mongolian sheepskin cushions (which now thanks to Sollly’s passion for spilling just about everything he can get his chubby little hands on have dreadlocks). And lets not forget the one that will almost inevitably end up stuck to the sole of your foot at some point during the day.

But for all of this, I am still a huge fan of our ugly little friend the raisin. It has got me out of many a tight spot and for that I am truly grateful. Tantrums and traffic jams, supermarket meltdowns and the classic ‘Oh bugger I forgot to put your dinner in the oven because I was on Pintrest’ time buying box.

However if you’d like to try and keep all your raisins in one place and not pepper your house in a Hansel and Gretle style breadcrumb scenario, you could always give this no bake recipe a try. These raw bars are not only super easy to make (a huge plus when free time is considered going for a pee) but they are great for your little people and you too. My husband has been know to race Solly to the fridge for the last one. They keep for weeks and we always have a box of them in our fridge. Happy blending peeps!


Makes about 12 servings
1.5 Cups of Dates
2 tablespoons of raisins
1.5 Cups of Cashew Nuts
2 Tbsp Cocoa
2 Tsp Vanilla Extract (Or Mint, or Orange)


Whiz it all up in the blender and shape into bars...... Blah blah blah x